About me

I am passionate about sports, videos and techs. A mix of my passions became my job. I shoot and edit for sport events of all size, brands, documentaries, tv shows, and tourism offices.

Getting the shot is what I do. When the conditions are terrible, when there is no second take, when it requires to walk, run or climb, I get the shot.

I own the gear I shoot with, it has no secret for me.

The main element is a Panasonic GH4, it can shoot in 4k or 1080p. It is stabilized by an electronic gimbal DJI Ronin-M. I have been operating gimbals for many years, in demanding environments, and became expert in moving shots. I have the best lenses for the system : from the ultra wide angle to the super-tele-photo, and of course a set of Leica primes. I can capture clean audio with my Shure mic, a Rode lavaler, and a zoom recorder. All that gear fits in my backpack and I have enough batteries and memory cards to shoot for days.  I edit with Final Cut Pro X. I can also fly drones and own a DJI Phantom 3 Pro that shoots nice 4k.

I am sporty, resourceful, and always have a smile on my face : that's also why people love working with me. I speak english and french.